Voyage of the Beagle Chapter 7

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From September 27 to October 20, 1833 Darwin travelled by horseback from Buenos Aires to Santa Fé, sailed back to Buenos Aires and got involved in a revolution. For more details of the trip see the About Darwin web site where you will also find this and other maps.


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Voyage of the Beagle Chapter 6

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 Darwin hired a Gaucho and rode on horseback from BAHIA BLANCA TO BUENOS AYRES between SEPTEMBER 8-20 1833.


Set out for Buenos Ayres.
Rio Sauce.
Sierra Ventana.
Third Posta.
Driving Horses.
Partridges and Foxes.
Features of the Country.
Long-legged Plover.
Natural Enclosures in the Sierra Tapalguen.
Flesh of Puma.
Meat Diet.
Guardia del Monte.
Effects of Cattle on the Vegetation.
Buenos Ayres.
Corral where Cattle are slaughtered.

For details see the About Darwin site, where you will also find the map shown here.

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Voyage of the Beagle Chapter 5

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The Beagle left the Rio Negro on 1 September 1833 and headed north to survey near the Plate River. Darwin received permission to stay behind and explore on yet another inland trek, this time to Buenos Aires.

This chapter contains the following

Bahia Blanca.
Numerous gigantic extinct Quadrupeds.
Recent Extinction.
Longevity of Species.
Large Animals do not require a luxuriant Vegetation.
Southern Africa.
Siberian Fossils.
Two Species of Ostrich.
Habits of Oven-bird.
Venomous Snake, Toad, Lizard.
Hybernation of Animals.
Habits of Sea-Pen.
Indian Wars and Massacres.
Arrowhead, antiquarian Relic.


For details see the About Darwin site

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